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大黄蜂 双语例句

1. 密切的黄蜂来到之前,我是盯着直接到数以千计的beady小眼睛似乎越来越大的第二次。
Closer and closer the hornet came until there I was staring directly into thousands of beady little eyes which seemed to be growing larger by the second.

2. 去年,31岁的点心店推出了与周恩来的纪念品填补;指示他的第一个电视系列节目,以及制作成霍利木材他第一次涉足,发挥米歇尔Gondrv的绿色大黄蜂,加藤将发布12月份。
Last year, the 31-year-old launched a dessert shop filled with Chou memorabilia; directed his first television series; and made his first foray into Holly- wood, playing Kato in Michel Gondrv`s Green Hornet, set to release in December.

3. Whittall和Hodges通过对一种名为耧斗草(Aquilegia,也称鸽子花)的植物和3种吸蜜动物进行研究,得出了上述结论。他们发现,绝大多数的耧斗草花朵的蜜管会随着采蜜者的变化而进化,比如从大黄蜂变为蜂鸟,再由蜂鸟变为天蛾。而在变化的间隔期,耧斗草的蜜管进化中止了。
Whittall and Hodges'work provides evidence that evolution may occur in a stop-and-go pattern--one in which adaptation to specific pollinators occurs very rapidly, followed by periods of no further evolution until another pollinator shift occurs, according to William Zamer, deputy director of NSF's division of integrative organismal systems.

4. 然而点是正确的穆古海岸和条件成熟时,这是最好的一个节目看到这个效果-在2004年有充分的水汽锥架F - 18超级大黄蜂在其显示。
However Point Mugu is right on the coast and when conditions are right it's one of the best shows to see this effect - in 2004 there was a full vapor cone on the F-18F Super Hornet during its display.

5. 7:20 并且耶和华你神要打发大黄蜂到他们中间,直到那余剩而从你面前藏躲的人灭亡了。
Furthermore, Jehovah your God will send the hornet among them until those who are left and those who hide themselves from you are destroyed.

6. 我并不比一朵毛蕊花或牧场上的一朵蒲公英寂寞,我不比一张豆叶,一枝酢酱草,或一只马蝇,或一只大黄蜂更孤独。
I am no more lonely than a single mullein or dandelion in a pasture, or a bean leaf, or sorrel, or a horse-fly, or a bumblebee.

7. 这12架飞机-4974(55-4963通过)均1956年底交付,但在一年之内从服务陆军决定了的YH - 32是不合适的,所有14个大黄蜂随后撤回。
These twelve aircraft (55-4963 through -4974) were all delivered by late 1956, but within a year the Army determined that the YH-32 was unsuitable and all fourteen Hornets were subsequently withdrawn from service.

8. 大黄蜂

8. La Beouf依然魅力不减,他扮演的山姆即将去读大学,离开女友米克拉(由 Megan Fox扮演),离开最好的汽车人朋友大黄蜂,忘记曾经杀死霸天虎的过去。
Played by La Beouf with his usual hyper charm, Sam heads off for college, leaving behind his girlfriend Mikaela his best Autobot friend, Bumblee and his robot-slaying past.

9. 大黄蜂的反义词

9. 每艘航母上搭载着一个海军航空兵大队的F/A-18大黄蜂和超级大黄蜂战斗轰炸机,EA-6B徘徊者电子战飞机,S-3北欧海盗反潜机和加油机,E-2C鹰眼空中指挥控制机。
Each carrier hosts an air wing of F/A-18 Hornet and Superhornet fighter-bombers, EA-6B Prowler electronic warfare aircraft, S-3 Viking anti-submarine and refuelers, and E-2C Hawkeye airborne command-and-control craft.

10. 大黄蜂

10. 据美国《科学》杂志在线新闻报道,犯罪学使用的模型能够反映大黄蜂如何在花中觅食。
Here, we show how GP is applicable to experimental studies of animal foraging, using the bumble-bee Bombus terrestris.

11. 我写这篇文章的时候,我穿的是Gap大卖场的T恤,上面粘的都是猫毛,一双有大黄蜂团的黄色短袜。
As I write this, I'm wearing a Gap T-shirt covered in cat hair and yellow ankle socks with bumblebees embroidered on them.

12. 我写这篇文章的时候,我穿的是Gap大卖场的T恤,上面粘的都是猫毛,一双有大黄蜂团的黄色短袜。
As Iwrite this, I'm wearing a Gap T-shirt covered in cat hair and yellowankle socks with bumblebees embroidered on them.

13. 在好多方面,许多人都像美洲鹫、蝙蝠和大黄蜂一样。
It many ways, there are many people like the buzzard, the bat and the bumblebee.

14. 如果一只大黄蜂掉进一个开口的玻璃杯里,除非有人把它拿出来,否则它就是到死也出不来。
In many ways, there are lots of people like the buzzard, the bat and the bee.

15. 我要参观,但我害怕亚洲大黄蜂。
I want to visit, but I am scared of Asian Giant Hornets.

16. 擎天柱身上有10108个零件,威震天有2411个,大黄蜂有7433个,铁皮是本片中身躯最庞大的,他和他的枪各用1万个零件。
Optimus Prime is composed of 10108 pieces, Megatron is composed of 2411 pieces, and Bumblebee is composed out of 7433 pieces.

17. 大黄蜂的意思

17. Lisa注:不知大黄蜂是陈宅的还是徐宅的花园的?)约翰,它可不像夏天里那些辛勤而雄赳赳的蜜蜂,而像是一个穿戴洋洋自得的伦敦东区的人。
Not such as summer brings, John, earnest manly bees, but a kind of a cockney, dressed in jaunty clothes.

18. 大黄蜂

18. Oceana 是美国海军主要航空基地之一,它是所有剩余f-14猫猫和大西洋舰队的f-18大黄蜂的家。
Oceana is one of the US Navy's Master jet bases, and is home to the all the remaining F-14 Tomcats and the F-18 Hornets of the Atlantic Fleet.

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19. 这个系列将会包括源自G1的宠儿:擎天柱、大黄蜂、大火车和威震天,——这些代表着80年代首次的冲击波。
The line will include favorites from the original series: OPTIMUS PRIME, Bumblebee, Astrotrain and Megatron – which will be represented as a blaster for the first time since the 1980`s.

20. 我舔一舔这只大黄蜂,妈妈应该会感到骄傲吧,喔,我肚子痛。
I`m licking up the baby bumble bee won`t my mommy be so proud of me