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1. Russia and African countries are also on the BSG list of markets for future Roma export potential.

2. According to Seet Poh Kim, General Manager of BSG, among the annual output of 1.5 million pieces, 70-80 percent is exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, South Korea and Australia.

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3. Who is the Galactica's chief medical officer?

4. Marc Struik, head of mining at BSG, told the Financial Times the Vale-BSG joint venture wanted to build a new iron ore port at Didia in Liberia.

5. The BSG series carriage assembly is guided by two guide rods and supported by an independent bearing system.

6. The BSG Series carriage assembly is guided by two guide rods and supported by an independent bearing system.
马车的 BSG的系列装配遵循两个导杆和一个独立的轴承系统的支持。

7. Effect of digestive performance showed that rumen degradation rate of alfalfa and BSG ferment feedwas the best, chaff was better, straw was the worse.

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8. Then those genes were screened which expressive value was greater than six thousand. Results: Twenty eight genes were gained, including Dapk3, Spint2, Gnas, LOC677374, Pdia6, Pomc1, Scg5, Cga, Prl, Gh, Scg2, LOC672819, Rps5, Pdia3, Gnb2l1, Mdh1, Itm2b, Ctsb, Bsg, Hsp90b1, Hspa5, Sec11l1, Serinc1, Psap, LOC671023, LOC546840, Slc25a4, Laptm4a.

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9. What another section of wind and cloud 2 BSG mix powered vehicle uses is a set of weak mix dynamic system, matched the Qirui independent research and development 1.5L gasoline engine, BSG has opened stops the integration electrical machinery, the Qirui QR515 manual gear box, through the idling regime engine off, reduced the complete bikes idling regime movement time, thus reduced vehicles'under urban state of roads oil consumption and the emissions to a certain extent.
另一款风云2 BSG混合动力车采用的是一套弱混合动力系统,搭配了奇瑞自主研发的1.5L汽油发动机,BSG启停一体式电机,奇瑞QR515手动变速箱,通过怠速停机,降低了整车怠速运行的时间,从而在一定程度上降低了车辆在城市路况下的油耗和排放。

10. In BSG, Starbuck is turned away from Six and has her eyes closed.

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11. BSG: mmm i don't know, but at my age i think tomboy suits me better.

12. With four factories in Beijing and one in Tianjin, BSG mainly produces business and casual suits.

13. The method is similar to the BSA BSG Self-Aligned technology and makes it possible to realize the silicon transistor having sub-100 nm deep base…collaction junction and to solve the problems in lateral and vertical scalling downing of self-aligned transistors.

14. BSG? Bit Sync Generator?

15. On the basis of this, the recipe of carbon source and nitrogen source of fermentation medium was optimized through uniform-design. The optimal conditions were as follows: BSG 120 gL^(-1), grain diameter 0.054 mm. The release rate of ferulic acid reaches 25.38% under the conditions, increased by 152.0% compared with that of the basic fermentation conditions previously. What is most interesting is that the fermentation medium didn't need the addition of yeast extract powder.

16. The venture hoped to finalise the plan by the end of June, BSG said.

17. The C-bands of flower bud chromosomes in six tea cultivars werestudied by the BSG banding method.

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18. Beam sampling grating are used to send a known fraction of transmitted light into a calorimeter for energy diagnostics in final focusing optical system of ICF.

19. BSG hybrid technology with a small modification to the original car, low cost, relatively simple control strategy, and many other advantages, it would become the research hot spots.

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20. A BrdU-BSG Method for G-banding in Fish Chromosomes and an Idiogram of G-banded Karyotype of Silver Carp