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lactating 基本解释

1. 哺乳的:SHL sensible heat loss 热耗 | Lactating 哺乳的 | Oestrus 发情期

2. lactating

2. 哺乳中的女性/授乳妇女:泪管 lacrimal duct | 哺乳中的女性/授乳妇女 lactating | 乳管 lactiferous duct

3. 泌乳水牛:泌乳期:lactating period | 泌乳水牛:lactating | 奶山羊:lactating goats

lactating 双语例句

1. A comparative feeding trial was done by using 16 healthy lactating cows fed with urase inhibitor premix.
介绍了用 16头健康泌乳奶牛进行饲喂脲酶抑制剂预混料的对比试验。

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2. Another useful strategy is supplementation with large doses of vitamin A every 4 to 6 months for children of pre-school age and lactating women.

3. Rous Sarcoma Virus enhancer/promoter, modified HIV-15'and 3'Long Terminal Repeat, HIV-1 psi packageing sequence, HIV Rev response element were amplified by PCR, then partial goat β-casein promoter, partial goat β-casein genomic sequence and pro-UK(subscript M13) cDNA were used to construct lentivirus expression vector specific for mammary gland. And its expression specificity was proved by transfection the MCF-7 and CHO cell in vitro and directly injecting the vector into the lactating mammary glands of goats.
方法]将劳氏肉瘤病毒增强子/启动子、复制缺陷型艾滋病病毒(HIV-1)的5'端长重复序列、HIV-1Ψ包装信号、HIV Rev反应元件、山羊β-casein调控序列、Pro-UK(下标 M13)、△U3/3' LTR依次连接,构建乳腺特异性表达的慢病毒载体;通过体外转染人乳腺癌细胞系(MCF-7)、仓鼠卵巢细胞和泌乳山羊乳腺注射证明其表达有效性。

4. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating without first consulting your physician.

5. This product is not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women.

6. lactating的近义词

6. Orson: You're not lactating.

7. lactating

7. ENERGY NEEDS OF LACTATING DOGS New mothers generally suckle their puppies for at least 6 weeks.

8. His nipples are bursting with hope, he's lactating hope.

9. In addition, the lactating mother to supplement the water should also attach considerable importance.

10. In the experiment effect of lectine on lactating sow was studied, in order to provide theoretical help for lectine used in lactating sow.

11. lactating的翻译

11. Effect of different supplemental level of lectine on lactating sow were studied.
试验设4个处理组,第Ⅰ组喂给基础日粮,第Ⅱ、Ⅲ、Ⅳ组分别在基础日粮中添加4%豆油,4%卵磷脂,4%卵磷脂 4%豆油。

12. lactating

12. Tapazole of concentration in the milk of lactating mothers than higher concentrations of blood and breast-feeding can affect the thyroid function in newborns.

13. Pregnant Nutrimental Granules is made based on nutriment needs by the pregnant and lactating women, rich in nutritients like calcium lactate, zinc gluconate, colostrum powder, beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D and folate. Added with CPP (facilitate calcium taken-up).

14. Sitting arrangements, toilet facility, and separate private space for lactating mothers, pure drinking water were available while distributing relief support.

15. ABSTRACT: A trial was carried out to study the effect of yeast culture on performance of lactating sows. The results indicate that yeast culture is able to increase the number of live littermate, weight of weaning pigs, rate of survival pigs during lactation etc. Furthermore, the results of this trial is to some extent similar to those of experiments carried out before.

16. Lactating women generally do not come so early menstruation, should go to the hospital to check and remove residual intrauterine infection and organizations. 2, a long birth process, trauma, and sacroiliac joint le with relaxation, can be caused by post-natal pelvic pain, which is a normal phenomenon. 3, cesarean section should be in bed resting after a month, this period should be Shimoji activities, day 3 - 4 times; two months in bed to do gymnastics to take the initiative to help restore market size; 3 months after recovery.

17. The safety of sibutramine has also not been established in pregnant and lactating women, or in children younger than 16 years of age.