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obscurity英 [əbˈskjʊərəti] 美 [əbˈskjʊrəti] 


obscurity 基本解释

1. He has risen from obscurity to international fame.

obscurity 网络解释

1. 冷门:not up 两跳,球在地上弹跳两次 | obscurity 冷门 | offensive 进攻性

2. 弄暗:obscuring 模糊 | obscurity 弄暗 | obsequent fault line 逆向断层线

obscurity 双语例句

1. Before the tercentenary exhibition brought him to wider public attention, Vermeer had been drawn from obscurity by two men

2. Dantès, cast from solitude into the world, frequently experienced an imperious desire for solitude; and what solitude is more complete, or more poetical, then that of a ship floating in isolation on the sea during the obscurity of the night, in the silence of immensity, and under the eye of heaven?

3. obscurity什么意思

3. Her shaky grip on her brief and press accounts of the business activities of Mrs Jeleva and her husband forced Bulgaria to choose a replacement, smoothing the way for the new Commission to win approval and for MEPs to slip safely back into obscurity.

4. obscurity的翻译

4. The other is, when the matter of the point controverted is great, but it is driven to an overgreat subtility and obscurity

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5. As Luis Bunuel knew, obscurity is a characteristic of objects of desire.

6. Letitia pondered on an obscurity in these words.

7. obscurity

7. He is content of living in obscurity.

8. The value of life is not the size of its ability, and the dedication of its obscurity.

9. Under the condition of the restriction and obscurity, idea is not accurate.

10. He spent most of his life working in obscurity.

11. They are there, and then gone, to their obscurity.

12. Among these, some people go down, but more people have to work with in the obscurity.

13. But I have no way, I had the energy of the spacecraft disappeared into obscurity.

14. obscurity什么意思

14. When it comes to the science, or arts, many of the great figures that we admire today died in obscurity. For example in science, Nicolaus Copernicus was the first astronomer to formulate heliocentric cosmology.

15. Cowell already is developing a film titled Star Struck, based on Potts'surprising leap from obscurity to fame and popularity, the Sun-Times is reporting.

16. NOBODY can understand the Chinese army without understanding something about that fascinating group of half-educated, dispossessed farm boys who suddenly rose from obscurity between 1911 and 1926 and almost overnight became field marshals, generalissimos and warlords, with dominion over regions as large and populous as many modern European states.

17. obscurity的翻译

17. The man whose virtue has no source except a purely terrestrial prudence will, in such a world, become an adventurer if he has the courage, and, if not, will seek obscurity as a timid time-server.

18. I remember speaking at a school not long ago where I understood that almost all the young men were the sons of very rich people, and I told them I looked upon them with a great, deal of pity, because, I said: Most of you fellows are doomed to obscurity.

19. If they had had only one more child, they would have lived in obscurity unnoticed.

20. This idiom is used to indicate that a person may rise from obscurity and achieve greatness.

obscurity 词典解释

Obscurity is the state of being known by only a few people.


e.g. For the lucky few, there's the chance of being plucked from obscurity and thrown into the glamorous world of modelling...
e.g. The latter half of his life was spent in obscurity and loneliness.

Obscurity is the quality of being difficult to understand. An obscurity is something that is difficult to understand.


e.g. 'How can that be?' asked Hunt, irritated by the obscurity of Henry's reply...
e.g. Whatever its obscurities, the poem was clear on at least one count.

obscurity 单语例句


1. the quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand

Synonym: obscurenessabstrusenessreconditeness

2. the state of being indistinct or indefinite for lack of adequate illumination

Synonym: obscureness

3. an obscure and unimportant standing
not well known

e.g. he worked in obscurity for many years