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1. The products we plan to exhibit in this show are as follows: American TIFFEN steadicam filets, Italian CARTONI tripod, America ESA glasses and pens, mini-camera lens, American CAMMATE jib, German ARRI series lamp, American KINO-FLO cold light source lamp, German DEDO light, German OSRAM light bulbs, ARRI filter, ROSCO filter, French Transvideo monitor, Photoflex softbox, support attachment, Ewa-marine, German AC chrosziel as well as various types of TIFFEN, German B W and England FORMATT color filters.

2. ESA's deep space antenna in New Norcia, Australia received the signals, including images from Herschel as it separated from the Planck satellite below it.

3. More intensive use of both ESAs andiron was associated with increased mortality risk in patientswith hematocrit of 36% or higher.
但是,大剂量 ESA 处理血球压积在0.33-0.359之间的中心却拥有较高的死亡率( HR,1.07; 95% CI,1.03-1.12)。

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4. Brunier, Digitized Sky Survey 2, Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona and ESA/Hubble
Brunier;第2代数字巡天项目,Adam Block/莱蒙山太空中心/亚利桑那大学/欧洲空间局哈勃项目部

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5. ESA FLPP main stage propulsion development is being carried out by a consortium and co-contractor comprised of Snecma, Avio, and Astrium, supported by a team of nine other European companies and research bodies.
ESA FLPP 主推进开发由一个社团和合作承包人包括 Snecma Avio和 Astrium正在执行,另由其他九个欧洲公司和研究机构支持。

6. Since foods contaminated by ESa eaten could cause mainly enterogastritis, moreover, ESa is also a strong super antigen that could stimulate proliferation of non-specific T cells.

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7. MAX4541ESA Pinout: Two 4-bit registers store address values used to access specific memory and register banks: the select memory bank register, SMB, and the select register bank register, SRB.

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8. One of the potential advantages of the hypoxia-induced factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor approach to anemia therapy over ESA is improved regulation of iron absorption and iron recycling to improve the efficiency of iron utilization, partially via a mechanism of hepcidin suppression, to overcome functional iron deficiency.

9. Results Most of SLC were located between luminal apical epithelia and myoepithelia. SLC in parenchymal hyperplastic areas was more than that in parenchymal hypoplastic areas and in fibroadenoma (P.05). The numbers of MUC(superscript -)/ESA(superscript ) SLC were heterogenous in IDC.
结果 ①SLC在良性病变中主要分布于乳腺腺管的腔面顶层上皮和肌上皮细胞之间;②在实质增生区SLC密度多于纤维腺瘤及实质减少区(P.05);③MUC/ESA细胞在IDC中数量差异较大。

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10. The Hubble Space Telescope is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

11. A total of 8413 people have applied to be astronauts since the European Space Agency started accepting applications in May, the ESA said Monday.

12. Dec-2009: A recent NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image of part of NGC 7023, or the Iris Nebula, highlights a perfect dust laboratory in the sky.
2009.12.1:最新公布的NASA/ESA合作的哈勃太空望远镜拍摄的NGC 7023局部,它也称为Iris星云,一个精彩、完美的太空尘埃实验室。

13. ESA president Mike Gallagher really'gets it'and has shown a lot of courage to address the issues of the small format he inherited and change back to something splashier in just two years on the job.
ESA的总负责人Mike Gallagher也在理解了真缔的基础上,表现出了在这仅有的两年之间把小规模形式的展览,改成了过去大型展览的勇气。

14. Do not omit any of the components in the G1 circuit as they are required to protect the MAX700ESA against arcing and for correct G1 blank operation.
不要忽略电路中的G1的任何组件,因为他们必须防止电弧和正确的操作MAX700ESA G1的空白。

15. Following the 1999 engine subsidiary to the success of the Italian company IVECO exported more than 50, 000 sets of engine block, crankshaft, cylinder heads, camshafts and other parts after with two, spare parts and quantities sold to Europe and the United States market, the whole country The situation is gratifying also supporting machines, the EU and ESA ⅢⅡ full flowering engine products, including luxury models by supporting light passenger and light truck, hybrid, SUV models and other special categories.

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16. In addition, Mars Global Surveyer, Mars Odyssey and ESA's Mars Express are still in orbit.

17. The ESA was supposed to have been reauthorized in 1993; however, a lack of con-sensus as to whether it needed to be strengthened, weakened, or significantly modifiedmodifications in the act in 1994. That year saw much debate over a broad range of bills

18. However, there is an additional requirement to allow ESAs who do not wish to integrate programmatically to have access to a browser-based Web application that front-ends the MAM Services solution.

19. Synthesis of the ESA-SSS Copolymer and Determination of Properties Scale Inhibitor polyoxyethylene sorbitan carboxylic ester