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ly 基本解释

1. For a few precious weeks in a year, you really adopted a complete ly different way of life and that's the essence of true recreation and real enjoy ment.

2. Born Phung Thi Le Ly in 1949, Hayslip was the youngest of six children.

3. Le Ly Hayslip was one of these Viet Ku and documented her experience in the first book of her memoirs, When Heaven and Earth Changed Places.

4. ly的近义词

4. If it wer e gentl e, o n ly th e more uns t a ble rod s fell.

5. Using the density functional theory, study geometric configuration on entirely optimized gas phase of ethyl acrylate and its derivative on the level of B3LY/6-311G*. By means of theoretic method on self-consistent reaction field, study the relation among geometry, electric charge, dipole moment and energy of ethyl acrylate and its derivative in liquid phase.

6. Fhe thesis analyes the MonitOAng and Early WaIning SysternS against the financial risks and itS cOUnforasures, alIns at obtaining a PrO- W comPrehension Of the cause and specilic exaInlification, and further- ly fmding out a scientic and reasonabe founation and sOhition to gUnd and sohe the financial risks, thrOUgh the way cOInbining...

7. And research shows that the corrosion resistance of LY12 is better than that of LC4 in EXCO solution.

8. By RT-PCR amplification, we found that PnV exists in uninfected LY16 cells, therefore LY16 cells are persistent infection with PnV. In conclusions, (1) LY16 cells are PnV-persistent infection cells; (2) PnV can infect both LY cells and silkworm larvae; (3) and the origin pathogen of silkworm may either PnV contaminated from lab during rearing or viral pathogens of silkworm origin which can`t propagate in LY16 cells.
因此本研究的结论是(1) LY16是PnV持续感染的细胞株系;(2) PnV 亦可以感染黑角舞蛾细胞株及家蚕;(3)最起初罹病之家蚕疑是在实验室饲养时被PnV感染,抑或是罹病家蚕的病原体未能在LY16细胞内增殖。

9. A n o th er pa tient m i gh t e qual ly well com pl a in th at her nei gh bo u r s wer e com bi ning t o sl a n der her and per se c u te her

10. In th e pro c ess, he en j o y e d him s e lf th o r ou gh ly and kept tell ing ev e ry bod y how much he ha ted hos pi tal s.

11. Being punitive against the news organisation or individual journalist might on ly provoke more spiteful coverage.

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12. In this paper, the precise-ly formula of magnetic induction of t he coil of rectangular carrying current by an point in space is obtained, and analyze the distributive properties by magnet field of the rectangle and the square.

13. Other studies have found that caffeine and stress combined can raise blood pressure even more significant ly.

14. The expression of coupling efficiency of geodesic lens and single mode fiber was given together with 7db coupling loss approximate ly in our experiments.
本文建立了波导短程透镜的模场分布函数,给出了波导短程透镜和单模光纤的耦合效率表达式,同时在实际中测得波导短程透镜和光纤的耦合损耗大约为 7db。

15. ly什么意思

15. Huei-fang's voice was steady, and her eyes were sudd ly bright with determination.

16. I'm going to a ly for a new training course.

17. Johnson noise is PURE ly an effect of resistance.

18. Conduction aphasia is characterized by good auditory comprehension and fluent speech production, relative- ly poor speech repetition, frequent phonemic errors in production, and naming difficulties.

19. LY series desulfurizers are synthesized by sterically hindered fatty amine, ethylene oxide andpropylene oxide, which is a ring-splitting polymerization reaction at the catalysts.

20. An experimental study of 300 mice exposed to pitch(3 gm. dissolved in 10 ml. of 80% benzene solution)obtained from 4 different sources, name- ly Anshan coal-tar pitch, Yu-men petroleum pitch, Dairen petroleum pitch or commonly known as Russian crude oil and the Asia Oil Company, USA, was carried out over a period of 350 days.

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