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invention. 双语例句

1. invention.

1. The present invention has solved the problem of complex operation process and error-prone in the existing technology.

2. invention.的意思

2. The invention relates to a liquid crystal displaying panel, the panel is made up of a film transistor array base board, a color filtering array base board, frame glue and a liquid crystal layer.

3. Research on machine translation evaluation has started with the invention of first automatic machine translation system.

4. invention.在线翻译

4. In one embodiment the invention comprises a system for generating an image of an Earth formation surrounding a borehole penetrating the formation.

5. The invention relates to a fuel injection valve for fuel injection systems of internal combustion engines.

6. invention.是什么意思

6. The invention provides a wireless base station and the signal transmitting method.

7. invention.在线翻译

7. The present invention aims to provide a solid proton exchange membrane and a membrane-electrode assembly for use in fabricating an inexpensive and efficient proton exchange fuel cell which enables direct use of an organic fuel without a reformer and use of hydrogen gas.

8. This invention provides a method for preparing hydrogenation catalyst containing phosphorus supported by aluminum oxide. The catalyst is composed of nickel oxide 1-10 wt.%, molybdena oxide and tungsten oxide 10-50 wt.

9. invention.的近义词

9. The present invention relates to a method of protecting a radiation source producing extreme ultraviolet radiation and/or soft X-rays against short circuits.

10. 911查询·英语单词

10. The invention relates to a drinking machine, especially an improved anti-pollution drinking machine for secondary pollution of drinking water.

11. The invention relates to a single-distributive micron short fiber-typed vaterite calcium carbonate and its preparing method.

12. invention.的反义词

12. The invention could be used to make tobacco using cellulose acetate, film, semipermeable membrane, etc.

13. With the invention of the Safety Bicycle, all that changed.

14. The present invention relates to powder embedding calorizing agent and embedding calorization process.

15. Is a functional block diagram of a digital video receiver according to the present invention.

16. The invention supplies a synthetic method of luminescence zinc selenide Nanorods, the method proceed with the following steps: a.

17. invention.的反义词

17. The invention relates to a drip agent containing double bonds of high activity and its process for preparing, as well as a method for preparation of private resin of lyophilic polyolefin drip membrane selecting drip agent containing double bonds of high activity as functional monomer.

18. invention.

18. The advatanges of the invention include that the obtained drip agent used in preparing private resin of lyophilic polyolefin drip membrane can largely change the surface hydrophilicity of the polyolefin membrane and entitles the polyolefin a sustained drip property, so has solved the problem that the common drip membrane is of short persistent period.

19. In order to have the MPEG Layer3 audio signal decoder have more competitive power in the consumer market, the present invention provides a low cost fast algorithm of the inverse-modified discrete cosine transform and overlap-add, so that the quantity of the operation needed in the decoding process can be significantly reduced to enhance the system performance.
為了使MPEG Layer3音頻訊號解碼器在消費性市場有更大的競爭力,所以本發明提出了低成本的逆修正型餘弦轉換及重疊相加之快速的演算法,以使其解碼過程中所需的運算量能大幅地降低,以提高系統的效能。

20. invention.什么意思

20. Afterwards, according to the fast algorithm, the present invention provides a hardware structure that is suitable for the inverse-modified discrete cosine transform and overlap-add in the MPEG Layer3 decoder.
之後,根據此快速演算法,本發明提出適用於 MPEG Layer3解碼器中之逆修正型餘弦轉換及重疊相加之硬體架構。

invention. 单语例句


1. The term " new social strata " is by no means a United Front invention.

2. China's holidays are an essential catalyst for the development of the service sector and service brand building and necessity is the mother of invention.

3. Chinese companies own some patents in utility and design categories, and their presence in the more advanced invention category is very small.

4. " Digital television is the next technological revolution after the invention of colour television, " Hu said.

5. While analysts recognize that invention patents are surely vital to a country's core competitiveness, they say it is hard to make real profits without commercialization.

6. The team has applied for an invention patent and is in the process to considering the many possibilities for commercialization.

7. Compass and papermaking that China invented, and India's invention of " zero " have made great contributions to civilizations over the centuries.

8. For two consecutive years the city has ranked in the top 10 nationwide - excluding China's four municipalities - in number of invention patents granted.

9. Reeducation through labor is a Chinese invention that applies to minor law violations that do not constitute crimes or qualify for criminal punishment.

10. The PCT is an international pact that enables patent protection of an invention in each of a large number of its contracting states.