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displaced英 [dɪs'pleɪst] 美 [dɪs'pleɪst] 


displaced 基本解释

1. 位移的排水的被取代的:displaced weight 排水重量 | displaced 位移的排水的被取代的 | displacement angle 位移角

2. 间隔的[廖:discrete 離散的[廖332] | displaced 間隔的[廖399] | dissonance 不和諧[廖416]

3. displaced的意思

3. 消失的船员:Distant Origin恐龙世代 | Displaced消失的船员 | Worst Case Scenario变生肘腋

displaced 双语例句

1. It has been displaced, from the Asian mercantilists on to countries in the capital-account zone.

2. If a fire-eating machine, such as Watt's engine, lacked self-control, it would have taken every working hand the machine displaced to babysit its energy.

3. In the debenzylation process, partial or all benzyl groups were displaced by other functional groups, such as CH3CO_, CHO_ and C2H5_ etc.. The prepared compounds are all cage heterocyclic ones with high strain and can be used as precusors for synthesis of hexanitrohexaazaisowurt...

4. Results The eyeball distorted, intraocular structure disordered and vision lost severely in 3 eyes. Epithelial plugs were found in superficial layer of stroma and Bowman's layer broke and displaced in three cases. Healing and gap of incision presented 29 days after RK in 1 case. There were incision scar, collagen disarrangement and epithelial island in deep incision more than 2 years following RK in two cases, descent's layer broke in 1 case.

5. During the terrible Hurricane Katrina devastation, fraternities all around the state rose to the occasion to help students from New Orleans colleges who were displaced.

6. displaced的反义词

6. If the mass is displaced from its rest position and released, it will oscillate up and down.

7. displaced是什么意思

7. Waves are formed as the displaced water mass, which acts under the influence of gravity, attempts to regain its equilibrium.

8. 14 Nowshera, Pakistan: Displaced people attend a mass prayer

9. There was a mild mass effect on the brachialis and pronator teres muscles. The mass displaced the median nere posteriorly.

10. displaced

10. An man tried to get water from a tank at a gathering point for displaced people in Kibati.

11. displaced的反义词

11. It left 17, 921 missing, more than 374, 000 injured and at least 15 million people displaced.

12. It had a.875 bore and stroke and displaced.525 cubic inches.
它有一个0.875 口径和中风和流离失所0.525立方英寸。

13. Methods The ferromagnetic ring is displaced by magnetic ring and the shimming effect is discussed.

14. displaced的翻译

14. The volume close to the borehole wall in which all of the moveable fluids have been displaced by mud filtrate.

15. The cadmium content in weathering phosphate rock is nearly two times of original phosphate rock, this demonstrates that under the surrounding of oxidization in the surface of the earth, cadmium is oxidized under the action of acidic water solution and is displaced distinctly.

16. In the case of Souse, Dominica, for example, Kermath and Thomas(1992) found that the tourism—related informal sector contracts as the tourism—related formal sector expands, and in addition, displaced inform al sector individuals are less likely to be absorbed into the formal economy, which is dominated by multinationals.
如源,多米尼克,例如,Kermath和托马斯( 1992年)发现,与旅游业有关的非正规部门的合同作为与旅游业有关的正规部门的扩大,此外,人流离失所部门通知个人不太可能被吸收纳入正规经济,这主要是跨国公司。

17. On examination, he has a resting tachycardia and eidence of left entricular dilatation with a displaced apex beat and possible secondary mitral regurgitation.

18. The Secretary General is welcoming the president's promise to resettle most of the displaced Tamils by the end of the year.

19. It is true that if ethnic cleansing continues for long enough (a large proportion of its minority populations has already been displaced), Iraq may end up breaking into Sunni, Shia and Kurdish mini-states.

20. It made me think of involuntary outbreak 47 years ago in a world that everyone on the unforgettable war, killing, bloodshed and destruction, Xuerouhengfei, displaced.......

displaced 单语例句


1. He figured out that any object immersed in fluid is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by it.

2. The Chargers'venue had been used as an evacuation center for thousands displaced by the southern California wildfires.

3. But the spotlight of the auction will be cast on the " Newly Displaced Population, " an oil painting by Liu Xiaodong.

4. The Disaster Management Center has opened eight camps to house those displaced by floods.

5. More than a million people have been displaced by the hostilities, fleeing to other places in Sudan or across the border to Chad.

6. Powell received cheers when he visited what aid workers called a show camp for those displaced by the Darfur fighting.

7. The Zimbabwe government has defended the operation as an urban cleanup drive, and has promised to help the displaced rebuild.

8. The government last week announced a comprehensive aid package for displaced residents, including financial support for relocation and loan arrangements.

9. He pointed out that those facilities cannot secure the minimum to run and sheltering displaced people can be conducive at this delicate time.

10. It added that many residents of rural Damascus have fled to central Damascus, including those who were sheltering there after being displaced from other regions.