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actresses英 ['æktrɪsɪz] 美 ['æktrɪsɪz] 


actresses 基本解释

1. During the Academy Awards ceremony, famous actors and actresses announce the names of the winners.

2. During this time he worked with many actors and actresses who would become his friends and frequent co-stars in the future, including John Gielgud, Peggy Ashcroft, Anthony Quayle, and Jack Hawkins.

3. In addition to their similar features, both actresses also have a number of tattoos.

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4. There is a long history of athletes dating actresses, but few have been of Henson's caliber.

5. How were the actors and actresses dressed and why had they dressed like this?

6. Sun Li overacted in the movie while the other actors and actresses underacted.

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7. Hollywood actors or actresses, they may talk about their dressing styles or skin cares on magazine.

8. actresses的意思

8. The two actresses were chatting away in the greenroom.

9. The actors and actresses, in addition to singing, use well-established movements, such as smoothing a beard, adjusting a hat, jerking a sleeve or raising a foot, to express certain emotions and meaning.

10. You need to make the trend your self and set your OWN STLYE STATEMENT and make new rules, rather than going behind the actresses and models as they shape up their body through working out!

11. actresses的翻译

11. The real secret behind stick-thin supermodels and actresses has been revealed to be their mothers.

12. One of China's top actresses, Zhou Xun, shared top female acting honors with Jiang Wenli.

13. actresses

13. Actors and actresses who are not well -known get little pay.

14. actresses的意思

14. The hardest part was when one of the actresses passed out from hyperventilation.

15. For the last three centuries many actors and actresses have established their reputations by taking Shakespearian parts; e. g. Garrick in the 18th century and Kean and Irving in the 19th.

16. actresses的意思

16. Little actors and actresses listened to the story of Yiwu peddlers after the performance in Xiuhu Square last year.

17. I seemed to remember having heard it was a piece in which great actresses shone.

18. actresses的意思

18. For the actresses who had starred with him, some had rumors with him, and there are others who had become his blossom friends. if he would have to choose among rainie yang, ariel lin, DaS, li xiaolu and ahSa for the chance to work together again, what would be his choice?

19. Many oteher actresses in it learned to knit as well, mostly from me.

20. actresses是什么意思

20. So I never thought about it being a matter of competing with other actresses - but it is true that there is a lot of competition, and we are very competitive.

actresses 单语例句


1. The organizers have bought insurance plans to safeguard the actors and actresses taking part in the daring stunts.

2. She claims it is too easy for older actresses to fade into the background, and is determined to keep working for as long as possible.

3. Both actresses bring dignity and smarts to roles that could have easily been as cartoonish as they sound.

4. She said dozens of actresses wait at the gate of Beijing Film Studio everyday for roles to be offered by passing film directors.

5. The still of actresses Zhou Xun and Vicky Zhao has an eerie feel.

6. Many of them were disclosed as being models and actresses, who joined in the show not for marriage but for the overnight fame.

7. Provided they possess a handsome or pretty figure and a number of fans, actors or actresses will also find it easy to sign up with local record companies.

8. Aside from some uncomfortable camera angles, the film featured great performances from the other actors and actresses.

9. The bags retail for more than $ 100 if they're monogrammed and Stern has noticed actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba wearing them.

10. If the actresses wanted to play themselves, she would train them to appear more professional in food preparation scenes.