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silently英 [ˈsaɪləntli] 美 [ˈsaɪləntlɪ] 

silently 基本解释

1. We finished breakfast silently.

silently 网络解释

1. 安静地,默默地:starry 繁星满天的 | silently 安静地,默默地 | emotion 感情

2. 安静地:安静的 silent | 安静地 silently | 安全 safety

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3. 默默地:silent 寂静的 | silently 默默地 | Silenus 西勒诺斯

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4. 静静地:really真实地 | silently静静地 | slowly慢慢地

silently 双语例句

1. The flashing stars cover the sky once and again. I can only count the sparkling ones silently, thinking of those sunny days with you.

2. silently的翻译

2. More than one years ago of that day while I listen to her tell to me the story, I silently of time, the tears downslide already, but she seems to tell the other`s story, she is natural and unrestrained. she lies on my shoulder, I only heard let me feeling the tired sigh.

3. silently的近义词

3. Accidentally I will silently think of your name

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4. To be one of the team; not like what i did before:sitting silently away from them.

5. As you know, I wait, looking forward to, has been what to pray silently.

6. silently的解释

6. She went about her work silently, and Jamie sat still in his place and studied the teakettle.

7. Rising silently from the top of the castle, a beam of ivory-white light scatters and interlaces like smoke.

8. Drama roaming between soul and body, just like a old black and white silent film, silently point to human being`s pondering of life and death in ancient Greece.

9. Hickey stood silently when the dish of green peas was served to Washington.

10. Dancing the absurdism, and just dancing; silently, I am just sleeping

11. Year, do you seek in the temple of the sign, only silently remember in their hearts: Lam Tin Yu Lives edge species.

12. Silently cursing himself for an idiot, he slid into the narrow aisle between the packed goods.

13. Without knowing it, Kailan is silently and effectively planting seeds of the Sino-US friendship in the hearts of its little viewers.

14. Let me tell you, you are quietly most beautiful rainbow in my life no matter whathappens tomorrow, I will beat you, my heart remains Although the situation is still burning as we have misunderstood you have sad circumstances, however, Sunshine in the midst of the total in the spring after blooming love you and I do not regret it because you are the most beautiful rainbow in my life I quietly tell you your life is gentle and kind-hearted I miss your gentle words I know love is the essence of my feelings for you swallow I I silently bear the pain of your life to you, I have no regrets because you are the most beautiful rainbow I always stood in my mind Let me tell you quietly Lane

15. In many dark night, I often lay against the corner of the wall and lighting up many cigarette, let that blight fire warm up the coldness in heart, let it listen the dropping sound of the tears, light blue smoke silently fill up my space.

16. silently的意思

16. Only a few of us are still silently teaching.

17. He held my hand, and we sat silently for some time.

18. Along with gold ore mining, picks the golden human tide to emerge massively, causes nine sparsely inhabited, silently by one nameless place, becomes one a babel of voices, the lively mountain city.

19. silently是什么意思

19. And the first week I was back to Syd, I got LCY worried about me for my rolling up on her bed and weeping silently without telling them what happened.....

20. Spring rains were like fog, floating and misty, wetting the doors, windows and all of the houses silently.

silently 单语例句


1. without speaking

e.g. he sat mutely next to her

Synonym: mutelywordlesslytaciturnly