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cached 基本解释

1. The card used external triggering signals and impulses or internal triggering signals to initialize card behaviors. Two pieces of 142bitA /D converter chipsADS5547 enabled a crossing sampling rate of 420MSPS to a single analog input signal or a non2crossing sampling rate of 210MSPS to two signals from the two channels. The digitalized data, afterDSP, were cached on the card memory to be analyzed further through digital storage oscilloscope designed in software, otherwise stored into the high2speed hard disk through HSHD interfaces.

2. Each of these things is cached, and the state of its display is remembered.

3. No=9788 - 15k - Cached

4. Original: An update to match Sendmail version 8120 Beta5, and a rewrite of the map lookups to use a common cached connection greatly improving perfor man ce and significantly reducing resource usage.

5. They are repeated to show the speedups resulting from cached IO.

6. In terms of the distribution of clients'request arrival at current time, the proxy allocated the corresponding buffer units in advance and cached data in segments from the ongoing multicast stream started at server. These cached data could be shared by subsequent requests till they were evicted from the proxy.

7. A copy of this content is now cached on that node, so that when users in the same region request the same content, that content is served by the CDN node rather than the origin server.

8. In many cases, it is more efficient to use a cached DataSet.

9. You should consider that a dataset is a collection of in-memory cached data.

10. cached

10. If there is a defined function that can get the data you need, use it. Database abstraction (using functions instead of queries) helps keep your code forward-compatible and, in cases where results are cached in memory, it can be many times faster.

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11. The disadvantage of the tiny buffer configuration is: the FAT data cached in the sector buffer will be lost by file data transfer and it must be reloaded at every cluster boundary.

12. If you were in my position, where two blogs got censored in one night and the number of visitors dropped from 18, 000 to 1, 800, and Baidu cleared out all the cached pages, what kind of mood would you be in?

13. Enter in a URL and this tool will check that page, and all links off of that page to see when each page was last cached.

14. cached是什么意思

14. The cached value must be restored to the object by the end of the block, where pre-existing aliases again become available.

15. cached在线翻译

15. On iGoogle for example, only 17% of the page is backend, non-cached data and needs to be requested each time. The rest is front-end processing.
拿 iGoogle 做例子,只有 17%的页面是慢速部分的、非缓存的数据,并且每次访问都需要请求,其他的是快速部分的处理。

16. The more that content can be cached, the greater the choices of live material for different target audiences.

17. Auth-nxdomain is an options substatement that tells a BIND 8 or 9 name server to flag cached negative responses as authoritative, even though they're not.

18. C. Change the number of sequence numbers that will be cached in memory.

19. cached的反义词

19. Internet addiction disorder cached more and more attention, and became a research focus in psychology, clinical medicine, and sociology since the 1990s.

20. cached

20. Abidia Wireless enhances the eBay and international eBay sites with effortless, anytime, anywhere, access via wireless handheld and mobile phone devices featuring customizable real-time synchronization with an eBay auction account, wireless searching, cached browsing, wireless bidding, and the ability to effortlessly manage auction listings on-the-go, anywhere you are, everywhere you need.

cached 单语例句

1. But experienced users can easily " scale the wall " to access a blocked porn site or page that is cached in computers overseas.