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light and graceful是什么意思_light and graceful英文翻译

light and graceful

light and graceful 双语例句

1. This is Eniea, a very cute little girl. In order to easily distinguish from her brother, I used markers to color light blue on her ears, which made her very graceful and elegant.

2. The roof design as giantism light membrane structure about 700 meter long and about 80 meter width, like a spray of white clouds swift, graceful and elegant in the blue sky.
世博轴工程采用了全新的建筑形式,屋顶设计为长约700米、宽约 80米的巨型轻型索膜结构,形如蓝天下的朵朵白云,轻盈飘逸。

3. Pond in the moonlight was not uniform; but light and shadow has a harmonious melody, such as the Vatican on playing the graceful-ling tomorrow.

4. light and graceful

4. Guard one paper light lintel only, shallow play one song autumn song, the rises the ancient of Tang's breeze leisurely fragrant, with the graceful and restrained melody, the whistle sound is in the light yarn of the romantic flow frost go gradually gradually and far, if near if leave.

5. Chen, wearing a light green woollen sweater and closefitting brown trousers, stood there like a graceful tree on a spring morning.

6. Sun Tong-hui, it seems that bringing a bright floor, do not want to leave homes; more full of romance with a mysterious saying: the annual Mid-Autumn Full Moon Night, the birds were quiet tired, the moonlight transfer breeze, such as water, a group of clothing Durian choice from the palace of the fairies and dancing under the beautiful light Qian upstairs landing at the moon, nong yu chui 箫, performed the graceful dance, the world upon a time, blending with short coat......

7. But it took the Hubble Space Telescope with a clever device to block out the glaring light of the star itself and see the graceful, elongated band of dust.

8. Expend sweet accent the person who gives priority to the middle flavor:The lily magnolia expresss the soft and graceful light of morning light with the pepper and shines.

9. So Castruccio grew up active; light and graceful of limb, trusting that by his own powers he should always escape.

10. Don't stop to go to sing such as a graceful and restrained phrase person:All world of mortals things of the pasts, annihilate in the phrase rhyme of a long distance mist-shrouded waters, but such as alone dark night HUA KAI, release light sadness quietly.

11. Ever, LI QING who wanted to learn the graceful and restrained shine on, Lee, easy Anne, of the delicate style of writing, deep feeling extending far LI SHANG YIN, at random pure wine from the cup in the phrase, can fill tears of leave the person then; The book page orders light song of song, can sing to fulfil the feeling of ten thousand thous then.

12. This is October a day first, the facile and graceful in air is worn light pluvial mist, however not cold, very difficult also make wet clothing.

13. light and graceful的近义词

13. The 孤灯 quiet, graceful woman, immersed in the Spiraea pliant and let the quiet occupied Zheng Kexin, all the earth is full of diverse and thrown into the stars of the night sky, all the emotions, all the ideas are disseminated to light Spiraea on the Spirit.

14. Lanterns Xitang of water along the river banks of lights, row upon row of buildings of varying the form of neon blooming wins Korea, which outlines the soft lighting is an outline of blocks of buildings, there are orange, snow blue, and Rose color, like the mythical scenes, strange light splendor, ever-changing, you can not predict what will happen when the wonders of light, it lights hook into the graceful lines of elegant, constantly high and low scattered buildings, landscape, bridges between heaven and earth portrayal.

15. The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working dog, quick and light on his feet and free and graceful in action. His moderately compact and well-furred body, erect ears and brush tail suggest his Northern heritage. His characteristic gait is smooth and seemingly effortless. He performs his original function in harness most capably, carrying a light load at a moderate speed over great distances. His body proportions and form reflect this basic balance of power, speed and endurance.

16. Representative packaging such as porcelain, lacquer ware, gold silverware, win with the simple model. Because the packaging seldom has complicated decorating, experience a kind of light and graceful beauty for somebody.

17. In my opinion, the special political situation of Wei-Jing dynasties resulted in Wei-Jing elites loftiness, the metaphysics consisting Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism inspired them to choose a graceful life style, the ideology which focused on developing individuality and self-achievement cast a light on their witful, humorous action and spoken manners.

18. The dancer was light and graceful; a lightsome buoyant step; walked with a light tripping step.

19. light and graceful的解释

19. Colorful beam of light, crossed the ball in the flag ship, graceful fountains, changing music and splendid fireworks

20. Follow the bustling crowd, come to gardens, garden blossom Ambilight, contests, and Graceful, Ting-ting pass away, I do not know when the blooming peony of the surface dimple, cool and warm, but the peony bloom in a barren land No flowers around, but the breeze Xu years, has heard the whispers among the flowers and flower like Jade light touch; Look at Peony in the sun, the gorgeous Ru Xia, red, brilliant, dignified yellow, green, such as silk, breakout Fragrance welled nose really as booth Peony Peony cents, frown smile style between the release.

light and graceful 单语例句

light and graceful

1. They are based on shifting body weight through a series of light, controlled movements that flow together rhythmically into one long and graceful gesture.

light and graceful