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Shima 基本解释

1. Shima D%Haile S M The influence of cation non-stoichiometry on the properties of undoped and gadolinia doped barium cerate Solid State Ionicis, 1997, null
蒋凯%何志奇%王鸿燕%梁宏伟%孟建%任玉芳%苏锵 BaCe0.8Ln0.2O2.9(Ln=Gd,Sm,Eu)固体电解质的低温制备及其燃料电池性质 10.3321/j.issn:1006-9240.1999.04.010 中国科学B辑,1999,04

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2. Bridge in the post-Heni found rock rat (mouse-Earthly Branches), in the vicinity of the front door of the river found Shima, it is said to be in Beijing axis of the markers.

3. Shima

3. The news service also reported there are search operations senior vice president Wei Shima can Jani and Yahoo Panama search marketing platform Luqi chief architect of the project.

4. Shima has the territory of historic Temple, 15 kilometers southwest of the county seat at the Stone Horse Village Office, is a temple stone carvings and architecture that combines Buddhistsi yu small cliff Cliff Figures in accordance withsi yu were built for the rare cases.

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5. Jon Elliott and his handy new Canon captured Shima lacing this Half Cab Fishbrain to Fishbrain stall on the spine, and when the skating was done on Sunday we headed to Augustiner Brau in Salzburg, Austria for some local delicacies, which of course included amazing beer.
琼埃利奥特和他的轻便的新佳能抓获志摩lacing这一半的CAB fishbrain ,以fishbrain档对脊柱,当溜冰是做了对周日,我们前往杯奥古斯汀brau在奥地利萨尔茨堡,为一些地方佳肴,这当然包括惊人的啤酒。

6. ABSTRACT Densification behaviour of Si3N4 ceramic pow der under CIP and die compaction was analyzed. Results from common Shima model w ere discussed. Compared with experimental data from literature, it is revealed that Shim a model is not so good and the employed parameters in Shima model are not very r ational at all.
摘 要 分析了Si3N4陶瓷粉末在冷等静压和模压下的材料致密化特性,讨论了常用的Shima模型的计算结果,与文献中的实验数据对比表明:Shima模型不能给出理想的分析结果,且材料性能数据的选取颇有争议。

7. Yesterday, at the junction of Shima Yuhuatai District, a special reward notices attract a lot of people.

8. RONGXIN leather factory was founded in 1998, located in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City are Wo Street in front of cloth Shima Industrial Area, and now owns more than 10, 000 square meters has developed into more than 1, 000 employees the standard garden-style plant.

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9. About two relatively Shima, size, and very real horse, a moderate image of docile, which is two Song Dynasty stone horses, stone works of art is excellent.

10. Shima的意思

10. Ling there is a solemn Red Gate, vivid stone lion, Dan Hu, Shima, and so on, there are 108 well-known stage leg, the city well, the Long-en Temple, East and West side hall in a palace, the Ming House, ding, and other construction.

11. Temple tomb covers an area of 30 hectares, the temple area have Baidian, Xiandian, Cai Hou Temple, East and West side hall in a palace, Lok House in the Qing Dynasty, such as architecture and multi-Xieshan strain Cooper and Han Gui; Muqu have Shirengou, Shi Yang, Shima, such as Weng Zhong, Ming and Qing stele multi-Xieshan Ding Dan Yan fat-square-ting Festival.

12. On this page are those we met in Shima, Haicheng, and Zhangzhou, all part of my hometown.

13. Kosaku Shima of HatsushibaGoyo Holdings has only one serious shortcoming: he is not a real person, but amanga, or cartoon, character.

14. Kosaku Shima of Hatsushiba Goyo Holdings has only one serious shortcoming: he is not a real person, but a manga, or cartoon, character.

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15. O-shima Island in Kesen'numa Bay is a small island just 22 km in circumference, but from its 235 m high Mt. Kame-yama, you can see a magnificent view of the Rikuchu-kaigan Coast as well as Kinka-san Islet.
气仙沼海湾中有一座大岛,虽然周长只有 22 公里,规模不算很大,但从岛上海拔 235 米的龟山却可以远眺陆中海岸的壮美风景和金华山等的全貌。

16. Jieyang City, Guangdong, China town, the foot of Shima