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specified英 ['spesɪfaɪd] 美 ['spesɪfaɪd] 


specified 基本解释

1. 获取是否指定了该属性:span 设置或获取组中的列数. | specified 获取是否指定了该属性. | src 设置或获取要播放的声音的 URL.

2. 指定的:specification 规格,说明书 | specified 指定的 | spectrochemical analysis 分光分析

specified 双语例句

1. If this is done, safety procedures specified by relevant authorities and shipping companies must be complied with.

2. Logon failure: the specified account password has expired.

3. Where the quota of foreign exchange use specified in the Confirmation of Domestic-Funded or Foreign-Funded Projects Encouraged by the State for Development is in a currency different from that used in the actual import transaction

4. Is the text in all fields specified in the correct screen font?

5. specified的解释

5. Editor: Setting active player to a barbarian tribe causes placed barbarian camps to use the specified barbarian tribe.

6. danci.911cha.com

6. It could be specified as follows: firstly, the system of the Insurance Appraiser should be established and completed.

7. specified什么意思

7. It can also be used to check that a string is only made out of characters in a specified substring.

8. Inscriptions on bronze wares of Western Zhou Dynasty are specified among the spectacular Chinese calligraphy.

9. A unit of temperature on a specified scale.

10. When TuneLab Pro is in Tuning Exam Mode, the partials are forced to be the ones specified for the tuning exam, namely
当TLP在考试模式下是,默认来说,TLP采用如下的泛音来进行评价' y4 Q3 a!

11. Country of origin/origins must be specified.

12. Contains one or more characters which are related to the parent character or glyph in some respect, as specified by the type attribute.

13. According to this relationship, the role of Kernel Function in SVM is specified, and the relationship between of RKHS and SVM kernel function is established.

14. Admittedly, specified education will cultivate individual to be a smart scientist or a skilled engineer. How ever, in today's world, the progress in human society, such as CPU designed by Intel or AMD, are mostly created by cooperation, not by individuals. People who can better communicate and copperate with other is in great need, where a skilled but wordless one is surely not accepted. Same circumstances need to be considered in other aspects of social science.

15. Work that a person is expected to do in a specified time.

16. specified的反义词

16. Cause to be in a specified state.

17. In specified period, to provide quality products and services is what TH seriously promises.
在规定的时间里,提供优质的产品与服务,是 TH 郑重的承诺。

18. Be in some specified state or condition.

19. specified的解释

19. However, there is no government's objective explicitly specified in the model.

20. 911查询·英语单词大全

20. S0003 FAR EAST ENTERPRISING COLTD HONG KONG BILL OF LOADING Direct or with transshipments SHIPPED on board in apparent good order and condition the goods or packages specified herein and to be discharged at the mentioned port of discharge or as near thereto as the vessel may safely get and be always afloat.

specified 单语例句


1. clearly and explicitly stated

e.g. meals are at specified times